Think Big

With Large Viewer, quickly and easily view blueprints, schematics, drawings, maps and more, while preserving every color and detail. 

We are the fastest viewer for dealing with blueprints on your iPad or iPhone. See the Case Studies highlighting two industries: electrical utility usage, and civil engineering. 

Nodak Electric Cooperative:

Elias Tobias, Civil Engineer:

Do you have a subway line you are building? A house? A major office park? No matter the sheet size or how many thousands of pages, you can view all your documents in a flash.

  • Longer than 8,000 pages
  • Bigger than 48 x 36 inches
  • 86 megapixel camera images
  • 20,000 x 18,000 pixel size blueprints
  • Wall size maps
  • 500MB TIFF files
  • PDFs and faxes
  • A0, ANSI D, or ANSI E

Large Viewer can handle it all. With no wait time. What's more, we can open just about every file format imaginable. Click here to see them all.

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Why carry rolls of paper and piles of binders when you can view everything on your iPad or iPhone? Large Viewer features include:

  • Instant open
  • Effortless scrolling
  • True color rendering
  • Access and share via Mail, iTunes & Dropbox
  • Accelerated PDF viewer
  • Local file support
  • Printing capability
  • Open multi-page TIFF files from your fax
  • Convert TIFF to PDF

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